Ethan has been home for two months already! Time is just flying by and I’ve been meaning to update this blog but it’s been a busy couple months. Praise the Lord for helping Ethan to adjust to our family! He attached to all of us very quickly. This is such an answer to prayer. He started sleeping through the night after about a week home! He’s a really good eater. A really good eater. He out-eats the girls!

When he first came home, Ethan had a lot of separation anxiety. If I moved the slightest inch, he would start crying because he would be scared that I was leaving him. The separation anxiety has gotten so much better over time.

Other than the separation anxiety and as long as he is fed (quickly and a lot!), he is happy as a clam. I’m thankful for his easygoing temperament. It’s made the transition quite smooth. The girls adore him and have been very nurturing toward him.

I’m still getting used to being mama to three little ones. Sometimes they all clamor for my attention and I feel quite frazzled. By the end of they day, I’m dead tired. Trying to cherish the little, fleeting moments with them that I know will slip through my fingertips.

Here are some pictures of Ethan’s homecoming in December!



Joy and Pain

As I’m counting down the days that Ethan will join our family, I am going through a flurry of emotions. I believe adoption is one of the most beautiful things in this world. Underneath that beauty is layer upon layer of intricate and agonizing complexities. 

The homecoming can be summed up with this one statement that our social worker shared with us during one of our meetings – “It may be the most joyous day for you, but the hardest day for your child.”

My joy is only possible through the heart-breaking sacrifice of others. Ethan’s birth mom is mourning the loss of her baby. Ethan’s foster mom is grieving the loss of her toddler who was in her home for almost a year and a half. And Ethan will one day face the heavy burden of lamenting the loss of his birth mom, his foster mom as well as his birth country.

If you have a minute or two, could you take some time to pray for Ethan, his birth mom, and foster mom? And lastly, that the Lord will protect all of us and heal Ethan’s heart in the present moment as well as in the future. And that Ethan will be confident in his ultimate identity as a child of God! Please also pray for Danny as he caught the flu and will be flying home with Ethan on Sunday! 

Final Decree and Custody

Hello world! We got our final decree issued last Friday and we got a call from Holt letting us know that custody would take place on Tuesday the 15th and that Ethan’s Visa interview is scheduled for Thursday the 17th!

Danny and his mom flew out on Saturday and Danny got custody of Ethan yesterday. Ethan is doing amazingly well! I’m honestly shocked at how well he’s doing. I’m not sure whether it’s his temperament (he’s pretty easygoing) or his age (he’s 17 months, which is younger than the average child adopted from Korea). In the back of mind, I’m anxious that he doesn’t understand fully what’s going on and will have a meltdown later…maybe he thinks he’s going back to foster mom?

At any rate, I’m very thankful that he’s been doing so well. And I’m praying that the Lord continues to protect him and help him with the transition into our family and to life in America.

Danny and Ethan will be flying home on Sunday! I am dying for them to come home!

Here’s a picture of us Face-timing!

Face-timing Ethan

Our Trip to Korea

Hello world! I apologize for such a delay in updating this blog. Since coming back from Korea, it took me two weeks to recover from jet lag and stomach problems! 

I am finally feeling pretty normal and getting back to the routine of things. 

Our two meetings with Ethan went really well! He warmed up to us pretty quickly, let us hold him and play with him. He smiled a lot and giggled. I love that he is such a happy baby! He is very active and ran around the whole time we were there. I think he’ll have so much fun with Katelynn! 

Our court hearing also went smoothly. Our judge was nice and we were able to speak a bit of Korean to her. All in all, nothing too intense. 

We got to spend some time with my extended family in Korea which was so nice. We stayed with my aunt in Gangnam and also traveled to Jeonju to see my mom’s side of the family. We got to do some sightseeing – Gyeongbukgung Palace, Insadong, Duksugung Palace, Dongdaemeun Market, and Jeonju Hanok Folk Village. 

Due to my health issues (I have chronic stomach issues that were really aggravated by traveling overseas), we have decided that it would be best for Danny to travel for custody on his own (along with his parents). I will stay back and can spend extra time with the girls before Ethan comes home. 

I am heartbroken that I won’t be able to be there to comfort Ethan initially. But I am at peace with our decision because I know I need to be healthy in order to start the bonding process with him when he comes home! 

I was also greatly encouraged by this verse today – “But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.” – 1 Corinthians 1:27

I am weak, but He is strong! I am physically weak. But even more so, I am spiritually weak. I’m grateful for this reminder as Ethan will be coming home soon. It is a reminder that I cannot do anything apart from the Lord.

We found out we were placed on public notice and our agency is estimating that custody will take place in December! 

Here are some highlights from our trip:


Leaving from LAX


In front of Holt Korea, before our first meeting with Ethan!


With my sweet grandma in Jeonju


Playing dress up at Hanok Folk Village


Dinner with my mom’s side of the family.


Morak Mountain


Beautiful display at Holt Korea


Royal banquet hall at Gyeongbukgung Palace


Dinner with our friend Jenny


Dinner with my dad and his side of the family


Court hearing on October 15th!

Showered With Love

Ethan’s shower was the sweetest blessing! So many friends have supported us, prayed for us and donated to our adoption fund. Several of our friends contributed to Ethan’s adoption fund at the baby shower and we have now reached our fundraising goal of $15,000!

We had an inkling that God would help us financially but for Him to provide exactly what we asked for is nothing less than extraordinary!

We are leaving in five days! Lots of planning and packing still left to do!

Ethan shower

Court Date – October 15th!!

Abounding with giddiness, tears and gratefulness today!!! Our court hearing in Korea is set for October 15th! Our first meeting with Ethan is October 8th! He is now 14 months old and says “ububa” (“hold me”). Katelynn has been holding her toys up and saying she wants to give them to Ethan.

We were beyond excited when we heard the news yesterday via email from our adoption agency.  We had a conference call that same day for all the details for our first trip to Korea.  It is still surreal that we will be traveling to Korea in less than three weeks!

After our court hearing, the judge will give us provisional approval. And after we receive final approval of our adoption, we will go back to Korea for our 2nd and final trip approximately a month or two later and will get to bring Ethan home. Ethan should be home by Thanksgiving or Christmas!

EP Approval & Court Submission!

We received news today that our EP was approved and that we have been submitted to court! This means that we will hearing next month when our court date will be. We are predicting that our court date will be October or November. We will travel to Korea for our first trip for this court hearing and will finally get to meet our baby boy! 

If you’d like to donate to our adoption fund, you can go to adopttogether.org/bringingethanhome. Our deadline for fundraising is September 30th.

Praise the Lord! We are so undeserving. 

EP approval